In the Motific dashboard, you get an overview of your organization’s Motific usage. Initially on the dashboard you see the steps that you need to take to get started with building your first Motif, and create a custom, trustworthy AI assistant.

When you start creating Motifs and experiencing how Motific helps you in your journey of provisioning secure and compliant GenAI deployments, you can get a glance at the metrics. The metrics and graphs presented on the dashboard highlight important information about the policy violation flags, input token count from all the prompts sent via Motific and output token count from models after inferences. It also shows the upwards and downwards trends of the metrics in real-time.

Get started


Dashboard provides four steps to get started:

  • Connect your model provider and select the models that will power your Motifs.
  • Connect your data sources and create knowledge bases to provide contextual data to your Motifs.
  • Create a policy from our templates to improve trust, safety, security, and cost compliance.
  • Create a Motif with your model, knowledge base, and policies to deliver a trustworthy GenAI assistant.

System at aglance

The metrics here show the trends in comparison to the previous month to the current month.

  • Total Motifs: The total count of the number of Motifs that your organization has created with Motific.
  • Total policy flags: The number of policy flags that were detected during the Gen AI app usage with the policies that you set up.
  • Total input token: The total number of input tokens that were used for prompts within your organization.
  • Total output token: The total number of output tokens that were used for inference responses by the models used by your organization.


Usage insights


  • Number of prompts for the top 5 tasks: In this section, you are provided with an easy-to-read graphical representation of the top 5 requested task category out of the total prompts requested by the users across all the Motifs that you have created.

  • Task usage by prompts and time saved: Task usage by prompts and time saved graph represents what percentage of tasks were requested by the prompts/inputs requested by the users of all the Motifs and how much of the user’s time was saved by using the Gen AI assistant for the tasks.

Graphical representation

Motific dashboard also has graphical representation for easy understanding of your app usage and to view the number of policy violation flags per Motif. These graphs also facilitate to easily identify trends, patterns, and outliers in the data.

If you hover over the graph, the total number of times the particular policy was flagged is displayed.