Known issues

In this documentation the known issues and possible work around for the issues are documented. The document is ordered based on each Motific release.

Motific release note known issues

Issue 1

Pending status shown when a user is added

When a user is added via the Settings menu, the status of the user is shown pending. But the user can immediately login to the Motific app.


The app takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to sync the status. The user you added can immediately login to the tenant they are invited to.

Issue 2

Data sources with folders having many level deep files or folders may be skipped during ingestion

While knowledge base creation, a site that has many level deep files or folders may be skipped during the ingestion of the data sources.

Issue 3

.xls file not supported

In Motific, when you create a knowledge base using a SharePoint as data source and that SharePoint contains .xls files, then these files will fail during the KB ingestion as the are not supported in Motific.


Here is a list of supported file types-

Issue 4

The schedule defined for how often the data source be updated is always in UTC time zone.

When you add a data source and define a schedule to update thet data source while creating a knowledge base the time is always defined in UTC.

This is essential information as this defines your data source update schedule and defining the right time is very essential.

Issue 5

The unsynced public websites added as data sources cannot be deleted

When you add a public website as data source, depending on the number of files in the website the KB sync time can vary from six hours to ten hours.

If you try to delete a data source that is still ingesting the files and is in synching state, then you cannot delete it.


Ignore the KB that has been stuck in the synching state and recreate the knowledge base with the same public website and wait for the sync to complete before testing it with a Motif.

Issue 6

Motific sandbox is not supported on the Safari browser

Motific does not support opening sandbox on the Safati browser.


If you need to access the sandbox from the Safari browser, then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings» Privacy of the Safari browser.

  2. Uncheck the Website tracking check box.

Now if you return to the sandbox you can access the Motific sandbox on Safari browser.

Issue 6

During the creation of knowledge bases with public website as data sources, the website crawl depth is set to 2 i.e crawlDepth=2. This helps in ingesting the websites faster. Even if the website has more than 2 level deeper files, only 2 levels are crawled and ingested in Motific.


If you want to increase the crawl depth for your website ingestions, then you can contact the Motific support @

Issue 7

The ingestion of a large website with many files may take multiple hours. You should check the sync status to view the ingestion progress and be aware of any failures during the website ingestion. This may happen because of the larger website sizes.


If a KB with public website is not ingested or the status has not changed to Complete, then you may have to create a new KB with the same data source.