Prompt collection

Prompt collection

On this page, you can see a list of prompts that you can use while using the Motific sandbox environment.

Sample prompts for Sales

Below you can find some sample prompts for a sales usecase. These prompts can get you started in your journey using Motific.

  1. Write a cold email to a prospect in the finance industry with the job title Finance manager and Banking relationship manager. Find problems related to finance software and generate solutions based on our product features such as ease of managing the finance data. Keep the email within 100 words. Greet and address the client Wiktor Hoffmann in the email.

  2. Write a LinkedIn message to George Thorne about why he should subscribe to our company page and newsletter. Explain in less than 50 words about our company motto and list our suite of products. Finally provide this email address for any further queries.

  3. Develop four unique concepts for Google ad campaigns for our new smart phone handset that will target customers in the following locations: San Jose, Seattle, Raleigh.

Sample prompts for Marketing

  1. Analyze the sentiment of recent online reviews for our brand and provide a summary report.
  2. Create a weekly social media content calendar with post ideas that align with our brand’s summer campaign.
  3. Draft an email for our upcoming flash sale that will go out to our VIP customer segment.
  4. Compile a report on our competitors’ social media ad performance over the past month.
  5. Suggest improvements to our current landing page copy to increase conversion rates.
  6. Provide a list of SEO keywords we should target for our new line of athletic wear.
  7. Develop a press release outline for the launch of our innovative fitness app.
  8. Create a series of blog post titles that would appeal to our target demographic interested in sustainable living.
  9. Generate a list of catchy taglines for our new eco-friendly water bottle product line.

Sample prompts for Banking

These prompts cover banking AI chatbot scenarios and contain the some PII details that can be tested with Motifc.

  1. How can I request a new credit card pin for my credit card 436 5572 5767 6673?
  2. Can I withdraw cash using my card 436 5572 5767 6673 at ATM center?
  3. How do I change the address linked to my credit card to Desrosiers, Avenida Noruega 42, Villa Real, 5000-047, Portugal