What is a Motif?

A Motif is an aggregation of configurations specifically designed for Generative AI (GenAI) applications. These settings include connection details for Large Language Model (LLM) providers, knowledge base connections, policy information, and user access control details.

Organizations can create Motifs to establish comprehensive policy controls for security, trust, compliance, and cost management across its GenAI applications or abstracted APIs.

Once a Motif is created, the following features are available:

  • An API definition is provided that can be used to integrate your GenAI application with Motific. This enables the application to apply the policies set within the Motif to each inference.
  • You can also set cost controls by setting a token budget for your Motif. With this token budget you can define a percentage warning threshold for token usage by a Motif, which will provide a warning when the budget is exceeded.
  • You can also get information and patterns related to the prompts sent via a Motif to the LLMs. With Motific, you can now accurately measure the time saved by users when they utilize the Gen AI assistant for a task. Time-saving is demonstrated through various tasks that users typically engage in, such as reading, writing, searching, or reviewing for specific details. These metrics allow you to discover how Gen AI assistants enable productivity within your organization. Moreover, Motific offers model optimization options, allowing you to compare the performance of your chosen AI model with other providers based on parameters like delay, cost, and quality of replies.


  1. Sign up with Motific.

  2. Log in to your Motific account using your credentials. Or add a user with Admin credentials.

Before creating a Motif

To get started with Motific you need to provision Motifs, which enable developers to use AI models with applied policies. Before creating a Motif, it is a recommended you set up the following as per your requirement:


In the Motifs menu, you can perform the following actions: