What is a Policy?

In Motific, a policy refers to a set of guidelines defined for the usage of a Gen AI application associated with a Motif. These policies cover a wide aray of usecases like sensitive data protection, blocking unsafe and harmful content from going to the LLM. Or stopping assistants from engaging with hateful content, or protecting users from potential phishing scams or prompt hacking attempts via the LLM. A policy also outlines a course of action to be taken when Motific identifies an application usage does not conform to the defined policies. When Motific detects app usage violating any of the policies, it takes pre-configured actions.

The policies are created and used when a Motif is created. These policies assist organizations in ensuring security and compliance for Gen AI apps.

Available policies

Motific provides the following policy templates to be defined with a Motif:


In the Motifs menu, you have the following actions that you can perform: