Settings page enables you to manage the settings of your account with Motific.

To navigate to settings page, click on the Settings menu on the lower-left corner of the navigation bar.


Add a user

  1. To add a user, click the Add User button.

  2. Enter the name and email of the user you want to add.


  1. Select the role that you want to assign the user from the drop down:

    • User: A user with this role only has access to Motific Chat assistant UI.
    • Admin: An admin role gives full access to Motific. This role has the permission to create, update, or delete a Motif, Policies, model connections and add other users etc.
  2. Review the details.

  3. To the add user click the Add User button.

Delete a user

  1. To delete a user click the settings button situated at the end of the user’s name.

  2. A confirmation screen opens up cautioning you that deleting an user is irreversible, and asks you type in the word DELETE in the field provided for confirmation. The word should match the word presented for the delete button to be active.

  3. To delete the user, click Delete. Once you delete the user you cannot see the user on the list.